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CUB call up Carlton Pale Ale for footy finals

CUB Pale Ale The Sip

A new beer will join the CUB stable next month but in keeping with the brewery’s recent approach the upcoming beverage will be a twist on an old theme.

Carlton Pale Ale, a name that allows CUB to capitalise on the highly popular Carlton Draught, is believed to be ready for a launch around the start of the AFL finals.

Although The Sip has yet to be officially informed of the new beer it is believed CUB executives have conducted taste tests with staff around the country in preparation for the release. And there has to be a declaration that the above picture is a mock-up by our editorial team. We're unsure of what look Carlton Pale Ale will adopt.

One function was held at Perth’s recently renovated Guildford Hotel last week.

Carlton Pale Ale follows CUB’s trend of expanding on its existing beers rather that introducing new brands.

The brewery has adopted the Yak to spearhead its craft beer division. The successful Fat Yak spawned Lazy Yak and the Wild Yak Pacific Ale. CUB has the freedom to use the Pacific Ale title following a recent legal ruling that Stone and Wood didn’t have a mortgage on the words.

Promotion for Wild Yak Pacific Ale will also lift midway through next month.

Crown Golden Ale was an off-shoot from veteran product, Crown Lager. However, the younger beer hasn’t been anywhere near as successful.

The Carlton Pale Ale would be an interesting move by CUB considering Carlton Draught is the No.1 keg beer in the country. It is also the third highest selling brew across the country.

CUB will also be making a stronger move into the cider market and The Sip understands six new versions will soon be on the market.

A photo of an advertising plate featuring a defunct NZ Breweries’ Carlton Pale Ale has been spotted but the beer didn’t make it across the ditch.

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