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Struman's Organic Beer The Sip

Those entering the now very busy brewing market need a point of difference.

And by its name, Struman’s Organic Beer has an immediate mystique. The middle word is something not seen every day by even the most ardent member of the pro-choice beer movement.

The company has this month entered the brewing bull ring with their two debut releases – a Dry (4,3 per cent) and Premium Lager (4.6 per cent).

Those titles seem plain enough. But it is the little logo on the bottle that makes Struman’s stand out.

Both nectars carry the Australian Certified Organic mark. They have the authority to actively promote their wares as truly organic.

It is a sexy word yet what does organic mean and what does it mean for a beer?

According to Australian Certified Organic, to use the tick of approval a product must not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

That is a two-pronged process for Struman’s. Firstly they must source malt, hops, yeast and water free of the additives.

And then they must remain pure in their brewing processes.

Adding organic to the title of a beer almost gives the message that what is in the glass is healthier than others.

Struman's Organic Beer The Sip

Struman’s co-founder Ash Truscott (above) revealed the organic concept came, like most brewing ideas, over a beer and was aimed at the premium level consumer. Six packs of both Dry and Premium Lager cost $20.

“Until recently, beer drinkers were limited when it came to quality alternatives to their usual brands, and that got us thinking - why can’t you get a range of organic beers from behind the bar?” he asked.

“We have organic butter, rice, yoghurt, cola, coffee and even shampoo, so we set out to give beer drinkers an opportunity to taste organic and to ultimately deliver a better beer experience.”


PREMIUM LAGER 4.6% Alc, 330ml bottle. 1.2 std drinks

Golden in colour, clean malty aroma with noble hop characters. Full-flavoured body, with balanced length of flavour and bitterness that delivers a superior smooth finish.

DRY 4.3% Alc, 330ml bottle. 1.1 std drinks

Straw in colour, slight malty and noble hop aromas and refreshingly crisp and dry, with a cleansing bitter finish.

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