Great American Beer Festival The Sip

There has been a dry spell on The Sip.

A fact-finding tour of the United States of America couldn’t have been more enlightening.

However, the regret of carrying what became a very little used laptop across two continents was eased by the knowledge and wisdom more printed on just two tablets while looking down from a Colorado mountain at the gathering of US brewing brethren a couple of weeks ago.

Thousands flocked to one spot in Denver. To try beer. And there was a lot of it. In one room. At once. On tap. Over three days. Unlimited tastings.

At least the Great American Beer Festival’s appeal has been validated.

But it wasn’t just the Mile High City that taught some brew lessons. Almost every can, bottle, even cup, of beer revealed something about the matrix of what is and isn’t happening in the caper.

More on the key elements and news from the Stars and Stripes saluters over the next week.

First it is catching up with what has been happening the WA brewing backyard.

After leaving town five weeks ago the idea came to Reg Parsley’s head about his allowed alcohol intake into the US, which is one litre.

Reg determined that was three cans/small bottles of Australian beer.

If he had to take them to the Great American Beer Festival as representative of WA brews, what drinks should he have picked?

That can be a calibrator for a series of The Sip stories from the Land of the Free.

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