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Rocky Ridge on Left Bank in beer star wars

Left Bank Rocky Ridge The Sip

If you are part of the Star Wars brethren then you tend to live an alternative lifestyle.

They are the ones who enter office meetings quoting Darth Vader. Some of them write down Jedi when asked on the census for religion. A few claim they can translate Chewbacca.

Only one of the movie series has been seen in this office. The first one. Or is that number four?

But being a Star Warsie (like a Star Trekkie) doesn’t hurt anyone. Except Darth.

And the offshoot is that every year the cretins, excuse me, I should say the Millennium Falcon devotees, give us an interesting beer day.

New brewery Rocky Ridge from near Busselton got in on the act by joining the force (see what we did there?) in beer clubs at the Left Bank in East Fremantle.

The pub and the beer makers mashed heads and came up with a collaboration for a Left Bank Beer Club function that just happened to fall on May the Fourth (stick with us here!). That date is considered to be an intergalactic public holiday by the Luke Skywalker followers.

With some help from the Margaret River Roasting Co the Left Bank and Rocky Ridge produced Gold Leader for the session.

The brew had plenty of coffee and chocolate elements, a splash of honour and sting of toffee. The makers liked to think of Gold Leader as an alternative for an Espresso Martini.

For those who move like an Imperial Walker and missed the Left Bank Beer Club night the pub will have Gold Leader on tap for the rest of the month. But you won’t be treated like Greedo in the Cantina.

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