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Brewers M.O. makes beer howl with hops

Modus Operandi Cascadian Howl The Sip

The coyote fights back. With a little bit of help from the brewing team at Modus Operandi in Sydney.

When most Australians think coyote they conjure in their mind the poor old chaser of Road Runner in the Looney Tunes cartoon series.

Modus Operandi has remodelled the image using a dark India Pale Ale that provides a lot grunt than our big-eared brown furry friend could muster in his pursuits.

The Black IPA or Cascadian Pale Ale originated in the North West of the US. One of the natural features of the Cascade Mountains is of course the coyote.

So thus Cascadian Howl at 8.1% has hit the market, heralding the first of the style from Modus Operandi in Sydney.

The MO team has quickly become renowned for their strong pale ales and the Former Tenant Red IPA at 7.2% had a strong following, ironically on the Australian west coast.

Cascadian Howl was devised for GABS last month but following the festival has now made it into 500ml can for the wider Australian market.

There is no doubting this beer howls with citrus and resinous North West US hops. And although dark in colour, only a very subdued roast character lurks in the shadows.

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