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Two Birds Brewing tread Trail Blazer path for beer

Women footballers have been influencing the beer choice of their male counterparts for almost a decade.

When century-old WAFL outfits linked with female teams a decade ago, some club bar managers were persuaded to change the regular fare of brews on tap and in the fridge.

And The Sip can attest that the women were just as thirsty as the guys after a hard sweat on the field, even convincing the guys to try some new brew tastes.

Now the ladies have their own national league it seems only fitting that Australia’s first female-owned beer maker, Two Birds Brewing, produced a drop for one of the AFLW’s leading teams.

The Western Bulldogs are football trailblazers in the new national competition. So, Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis had the perfect name for Two Birds' homage to the women’s line-up.

And now the brew has reached the west coast.

Trail Blazer (4.5%) highlights the importance of spreading your wings and finding your own path.

The crisp and clear Australian Lager encapsulates the values that Two Birds and the AFLW hold dear - mateship, winning spirit, commitment, effort, hard work and passion.

The Sip Beer Laboratory

Just like the Western Bulldogs, who have had an incredible 2018 season thus far, holding the top of the ladder all season and being favourites for the series grand final this weekend, the Two Birds team has regularly won prizes, including a bevy of gold medals in the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards.

Allen says she and Lewis never set out to be trailblazers, it was simply the result of being the first women to own an Australian brewery.

“We’ve never felt there was anything that could stop us from achieving our goals. We had the experience and the commitment to make it happen, and we never saw being women in a male-dominated field as a barrier - we just got on and did the work,” she said.

Lewis says, “Trail Blazer is our tribute to all those who have blazed the trail before us, and all those who will follow.”

Football and Lager have a strong affinity. And now the pairing has a new avenue that all of the sport’s fans can enjoy through Trail Blazer in 330ml cans across the country.

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