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No new fancy label, no whacky offshoot name and certainly no hop bomb.

But then that’s Heineken. Even when they do something fresh they ensure the time-honoured brand remains at the forefront.

After all there is no mistaking that logo and the green glass.

However, those keener on a lighter brew will have to pay particular attention to the bottle shop shelf to make sure they get the right Heineken after the Dutch beer giant delivered their first new release in Australia for 20 years.

And the new Heineken 3 is all about servicing a new generation.

While the “craft” market is the fastest growing segment in beer, the lower alcohol brews have found a strong place in the market.

Health, social attitudes and price have persuaded many drinkers to seek lighter alcohol beverages.

Sales of mid-strength alcohol in Australia increased by 4 per cent last year.

So Heineken have joined the party with the Heineken 3, a 3.3 per cent ABV drop which claims to have just 86 calories per bottle.

Heineken looked at data from Australian consumers and found Aussies have changed the way they are drinking beer - they are drinking in different ways and at different times.

“There is a growing demand in market for better quality and premium beers with less calories and a conscious shift from consumers who are looking to complement their modern and active lifestyles,” was the Heineken spiel.

“Heineken is also aiming to recruit more women than in previous campaigns, recognising those who want an easier drinking and lower calorie lager.”

In that policy Heineken is targeting “day-time drinkers” who want to have more than one beer but don’t want the associated issues.

This is a long term project for Heineken with the new beer to be backed by an 18-month marketing blitz.

“Have it all” will be the underlying message from Heineken 3.

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