November 24, 2016

The beer revolution has opened the taste buds to a plethora of experiences.


Expect if your body doesn’t like gluten.


And for some around us that is a problem. No matter how experimental they want to be in their beer choice, the prospect of being ill from a normal brew isn’t appealing.


That prompted Andrew Lavery and John O’Brien, both coeliacs, to homebrew in attempt to give them back a simple Australian pleasure.


Rebellion Brewing has become renowned for its O’Brien gluten-free beer. Now the brewery has lifted the bar with a premium range made with sorghum and millet, instead of the usual barley and wheat.


O’Brien boasts its beers are also free from any colourings and preservatives.


The new range will accompany their traditional flavours (Pale Ale, Premium Lager, Light Lager and Brown Ale) and is aimed to satisfy the tastes of all beer lovers looking to try something new.


The seasonal range includes the following beers with their brewer’s notes –


O’Brien Belgian Ale (6.0%): This Belgian-style autumn release is a limited edition brew that will also run right into summer. Displaying a light and Belgian candy sugar, the O’Brien Belgian Ale has a dry finish and slight alcohol warmth, complimented with a subtle spice, earth and fruit characters from the yeast, hops and spice additions.


O’Brien India Pale Ale (6.0%): This American style beer encompasses the spring weather with its fresh and vibrant fruit salad taste. The punchy flavour celebrates the freshness of the season and consists of solid malt and a hop aroma, to create a tropical flavour with a bitter finish. The fruity tones include passionfruit, grapefruit, citrus, pineapple and pine with a solid malt body that ensures it is bursting with flavour.


O’Brien Pilsner (5.2%): The Pilsner is a German style brew, which will be brewed for summer and is great for the season with its zesty light taste. Fresh hops are used to create this unique blend; the pale straw colour of the beer comes from the magnum and Saaz hops, which strengthen its vibrant aroma and refreshing bitterness.


O’Brien Chocolate Orange Porter (6.8%): O’Brien’s Chocolate Orange Porter is a must try for all dark beer lovers. This limited release has been introduced in celebration of O’Brien’s 10-year anniversary. The Porter has a deeply distinct, silky mocha taste that comes from the infusion of cocoa and orange zest. The touch of citrus helps to balance the bitterness of the chocolate, whilst the Mandarina hops create a seductive aroma of orange.

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