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Feral Brewing Co. gives independent beer a big flick

When it comes to quality, ownership doesn’t matter.

While the cheerleaders of independent entities champion that non-aligned brews are driving a revolution, a stalwart of the industry reminded drinkers that good beers are just that – regardless of who signs the workers’ pay cheques.

Feral might be owned by Coca-Cola Amatil but, much to chagrin of micro-brewery campaigners, it dominated the Royal Perth Beer Show awards held last night.

The Swan Valley-inspired but Bassendean-based brewery picked up champion trophies for best Dark Ale for its Smoked Porter, Best Reduced Alcohol for the Runt pale ale, and Best Wheat Beer for Watermelon Warhead.

So much for that ownership affecting the standard of the beer.

And then Swan Brewery’s Emu Export, a long chastised beer for its Lion allegiance, won best Lager (Packaged).

Melbourne-based 3 Ravens, with WA-taught Brendan O’Sullivan at the helm, won Best Beer in show for its New World IPA.

The Sip will have a full wash-up of the awards, the gala presentation and the after-party on line later today.

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