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Nail want Pale beer drinkers to be green with envy

It is a one-year experiment 19 years in the making.

And Nail Brewing is seeking drinkers’ help in determining what beer will take them into the next generation.

A new green can will hit the Australian beer market on Friday with the Bassendean-based team releasing a Pale NBT - or Nail Brewing Test - (4.7%). But this won’t be just a regular Pale Ale. Indeed, its changing identity will be the key to the exercise.

Nail founder John Stallwood plans to deliver a new Pale Ale every four to six weeks. The ABV will remain the same but the hops and malts will be on rotation for each brew.

“We’re spending a year to find the new Nail Ale recipe for the next 20 years,” Stallwood told The Sip.

“On the bottom of each can there will be the details of the batch number and how people can have their say on social media in regards to the versions they liked.”

The first Nail beer was released 19 years ago this month and Stallwood recalled there were plenty of experimental brews the eventually provided the blueprint for what became Nail Ale.

So this latest series harks back to the days when Nail was surrounded by spare beer that used for a greater good.

“The original Nail Ale was the result of about 40 test batches,” Stallwood said. “So we’re going back to our roots with the Pale.”

The new Pale is underpinned by Cashmere hops which give the first instalment a wonderful herbal aroma.

But expect citrus to be the star of Act one.

Nail Pale NBT is being canned on Wednesday with deliveries to shops by Friday.


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