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It is back.

But in some ways it never went away.

The team at Cheeky Monkey near Margaret River have returned the Silverback Stout to their limited release range.

They had to. After seeing so many social media posts about how people had cellared the beer brewer Ross Terlick decided another instal

ment was necessary.

After all, the best thing about storing beer is getting the chance to do vertical tastings way down the track.

Silverback Stout was originally developed by Jared Proudfoot (now half of the Pirate Life crew) to celebrate Cheeky Monkey’s first anniversary.

To suggest this will be a malt-driven beer would be an understatement. Eight varieties, Maris Otter, Brown, Simps Dark Roast Crystal, Golden Naked Oats, Rolled Oats, Caraaroma, Simps Choc, and Choc Wheat, have gone into the mix.

The beer is named after the gorilla (not any brewers). However, the Cheeky Monkey crew believe this ape has a bit of Russian influence and can be “a bit angry”.

“Tasting it from the fermentation vessel, the appearance is dark brown with russet highlights, dark chocolate and roasted coffee aromas with a sweet round mouthfeel,” Terlick said.

“Surprisingly smooth for 10.1 per cent (ABV) it’s sure to satisfy on these winter nights or stashed away for years to come.

Cheeky Monkey managing director Brent Burton expects Silverback Stout to be available midway through this month after the launch at Perth’s Five Bar.

“This has been our most exciting brew to date, to be able to turn back the clock and produce an old favourite and provide such a premium product to the masses,” Burton said.

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