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Travelling to Fremantle BeerFest as easy as DiDi

Devising a plan for the Fremantle BeerFest is essential to ensure you get to taste your favoured brews.

Having a plan to get to and from the Esplanade is equally important. There has to be a formula to make sure you get there on time – and home safely.

There is a new player in the transport game that will make sure you make the most of WA’s premier beer festival.

DiDi has created a new buzz in the local rideshare space.

The new rideshare operation got off the mark in November 4 – just in time to be in top gear by the start of Fremantle BeerFest four days later.

DiDi offers a different edge to the rideshare system, providing riders with a cheaper fare and drivers with a better take-home rate.

One of the great elements to the rise of the WA craft beer industry has been the variety of beverages on offer.

Some of the best have a high alcohol content. Let’s be honest, if often befits the style. You can’t have a Russian Imperial Stout unless it is close to 10%.

So it is imperative that beer aficionados remember that if they imbibe too hard, the car keys stay in the pocket – or even better, in the draw at home.

It then makes sense to use DiDi. Their legion of drivers can get you from A to B safely and at a lower cost than others in the sector.

DiDi works seamlessly on your iPhone or Android device and after you sign up – and get others to join – there are opportunities to get ride discounts.

The DiDi crew is also getting behind Movember with 10 cents from every ride going to the important cause.

You can download the DiDi app via the App Store of Google Play.

DiDi has already made inroads into the transport systems in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Now it is Perth’s turn to enjoy the service.

For more information on DiDi and how it can work for you – particularly when out at a great brew event such as the Fremantle BeerFest – click here.

And if you sign up to DiDi use this code – HGCXL5S5 – to get some cool discounts.


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