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Unlike another Big Beer can on the market the latest product from the Northbridge Brewing Company doesn’t have Ken Arrowsmith’s image on the label.

But at least you can now take a bit more of Ken home with you to enjoy at your leisure.

Central Perth’s premier brewpub is getting into the takeaway business with the introduction of canimals for their tap beers.

For two years Arrowsmith has pumping out quality brews for the venue. He has picked up medals for his latest work but getting his wares to a wider audience had been limited because of a lack of production.

It wasn’t a problem for Arrowsmith in a previous life when he worked for what was then WA’s leading brewery and his image became adorned on one of their top-selling products. We’ll let you in on a secret – it is a green based can.

Arrowsmith will have his Pale Ale, Lager, Wheat, Kolsch and India Pale Ale recipes available for the 946ml vessels.

NBC hopes to add seasonal releases as they become available.

The Sip road tested one of Reg Parsley’s favourite drops, the NBC Kolsch, and found the can kept the beer fresh after 72 hours and the flavour of the Cologne classic came through without taint.

Each of the canimals sells for $15 and carry the appropriate advice about use by date and consumption.

NBC are also seeking a longer operating licence with a petition calling for the approval of a 2am closing time, an increase of two hours.

Arrowsmith described the release of Canimals as an exciting new innovation that gives craft beer lovers the opportunity to enjoy NBC brews after visiting the venue – a welcome step forward in the

expansion of the brand.

“For a long time people have been asking us when will they be able to enjoy Beerland brews in their

own home, so after a lot of research we decided on the Canimal as the best takeaway option,” Arrowmsith said.

“For many good reasons cans are the comeback kids on the packaged beer scene – they keep your

beer fresh by eliminating UV light, chill more quickly, don’t smash when you drop them and can be

crushed and recycled.”

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