The Sip's Footy Finals Beer Guide

No need to have bothered with Father’s Day this year.

The footy finals were only four days away when dads around the country woke up with screaming kids throwing hankies, socks and those cardboard ties made at primary school.

And while there were the clenched-teeth grins in delight, the man of the house’s real thoughts were about the chase of the pigskin. After all, it is the business end of the season.

The finals aren’t a sprint. They are a month of excitement. And every father – and mother for that matter – needs a battle plan for the most gruelling month of sports viewing.

This isn’t some wishy washy affair. It takes planning and determination to ensure the view of each match isn’t affected.

So to help the punters of September The Sip has devised a Footy Finals Beer Survival Guide.

Put them in your pack and you’ll navigate a way through the sporting jungle.

Gage Roads and The Sip Footy Beer Guide


You will die of thirst without it. A drink needs to be opened and this device will do the job. But fans need to make sure it is of a large size. It can never be too big. How many times have you heard, “anyone got the opener”. If it is big enough they can find it themselves. Self-sufficiency is very important in the wilds of the finals.

Coopers and The Sip Beer Survival Guide


No matter where you go to peruse the matches someone will be celebrating something else. Dr Tim Cooper, the boss of the Adelaide-based brewery, is recognising 60 years on the planet. And to mark the occasion he has produced a special 440ml can of Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale. Yet we get the present as the offering is being sold at the 375ml price. Cheers to Tim.


This is more directed to the AFL fans around the country. There isn’t a Queensland team in the top eight and since it is customary to toast absent friends at a gathering it is apt that we recognise a banana-bending brew from the Maroons.


It is highly likely that the gatherings you attend will result in a smorgasbord of nectars. Some may bring Lagers, others Pale Ales, uncle Fred will naturally throw in a couple of Stouts and old Alice from next door likes a Cider. While we like to push the importance of appropriate glassware having all the necessary containers on hand is just not achievable. So go for the tulip glass. It can cover a few bases.

Corona and The Sip Footy Beer Guide