Stockade Brewing The Sip

Sometimes a change can bring out the best in a brewery. After all, experimentation has been the spice of life for many craft beer makers over the past decade.

It has worked for Stockade Brewing Company.

Last October the Macarthur Grange Brewery morphed into a revamped enterprise. New beers were added to the stable and the labels were given a punchy edge.

There was no doubt a risk involved in such a transformation. But it has paid off.

Not only are there now an enticing range of colourful bottle descriptors on the shelves, what is inside is also satisfying drinkers

In less than 12 months Stockade has gained a strong foothold in the industry on the back of four core line-up of super sessional beers; Duel Hoppy Lager, Chop Shop Pale Ale, The Sesh Golden Ale and 8 Bit India Pale Ale.

And Stockade expect to round out 2016 with eight limited release brews.

The brewery will also need a bigger trophy cabinet after collecting 23 medals, including eight golds, across the Australian International Beer Awards, Craft Beer Industry Awards and World Beer Awards.

Stockade’s Hopzilla Hoppy Weizen (6 per cent ABV) was among the top trophy winners and is a super mix of the India Pale Ale and Hefeweizen. It just works!

With the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show starting next week Stockade have keep the beers coming on their conveyor belts.

A “Roly" Smoked Jalapeño Porter will be followed by a classic Märzen, named “Wanderer”,

an Oktoberfest brew and then, to round out the year, Stockade, will release its first every IIPA, named “Mysterio”.