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Have your say in BANJO beer awards

BANJO Beer Awards 2016

Beer fans’ adoration of their favourite nectar is matched by just one other facet – a love of lists.

Whether it is ranking India Pale Ales, best overseas operations, beverages of the year or top drops from various styles, those in the brew brethren are constantly discussing and dissecting polls.

Unfortunately, at The Sip we’re not big fans of listicles. And we only like to fully judge beers when we know for sure they have been delivered to us in a process that won’t harm the sample.

However, there are elements in the industry that should be rewarded for their contribution to Australian beer in 2016 and we need to get on track.

So The Sip has formed the Beer Aficionados National Judging Organisation – BANJO – to canvas the opinions of the most important sector in the brewing industry, the punters at the bar, festival and/or liquor store.

But the BANJOs are a bit different – just like The Sip.

We’re not looking for the best beer or the best place to drink. We’ve taken a slightly unusual tack with the survey. But the results should be as illuminating as any major beer show.

So click this link and take two minutes to participate in the first BANJO awards.

Entries close on December 31.

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