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Cheeky Monkey shows off beer strength

Cheeky Monkey Imperial Monk The Sip

A tranquiliser gun has been added to the Cheeky Monkey Brewery tools of trade.

In a workplace accident, somebody slipped one of the brewery’s loyal brands some steroids and the result is a Monkey that is stronger, bolder, playful – yet sophisticated when need be – more daring and entertaining.

Travelling Monk Sessional Ale (3.5 per cent) has been a big success for Cheeky Monkey. It is one of the favourite mid-strength beers at The Sip and is more appealing because the 500ml makes the brew great to share.

The brains trust at the Margaret River operation decided they should give the Travelling Monk a bit of a boost. But like David Banner in the original Hulk someone gave the concoction too much green juice. Suddenly the mid-strength has the powers of a superhero.

They now need a weapon to keep this raging beast under control.

The first in Cheeky Monkey’s Southern Wailer limited release series is Imperial Monk Red India Pale Ale at 8.3 per cent.

That’s a lot feistier than the original. So it should be with about three times the amount of hops, malts and alcohol percentage, which, according to the brewery team “results in a beer which has an epic amount of flavour and balance”.

Imperial Monk has six malts that combine to give the beer a sticky edge. There are also seven hops so expect a lupulin smash. This brew has got grunt.

The good news for those attending next week’s South West Craft Beer Festival on Busselton is that they will be among the first to taste the beer. It will then be packaged in 500ml cans for general distribution. Neighbouring Bootleg will also have a new brew for the festival.

Cheeky Monkey has had solid results with Southern Wailer one-off brews, which allows the brewers, headed by Ross Terlick, to flex their mind muscles and create something big, bold and beautiful.

Previous examples have been the Imperial India Pale Lager, Silver Back Stout, Hop Flinger West Coast IPA and the Caped Crusader Super Pale Ale.

All Cheeky Monkey beers are 100% natural, brewed fresh on-site with Margaret River rain water. No preservatives, no additives and unpasteurised.

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