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Brewing the best time for WA Beer Week

WA Beer Week Feral The Sip

To our fellow WA beer lovers, we implore you, change the date.

No, we’re not getting into heavy politics. There is so much of that around it could almost drive a man (or woman) to drink. That’s not a bad thing in moderation. Timing is important. And that is something the Western Australian Brewers Association is contemplating with its biggest event of the year.

WA Beer Week has grown into a super brewery showcase.

But its positioning on the calendar doesn’t suit every one. In recent years it has been in November. The period has had mixed response with concerns the itinerary is too close to the ever-expanding Christmas festivities.

Just move it then.

Easier said than done. A growing list of events throughout the year, such as Good Beer Week in Melbourne during May, October’s Sydney’s Craft Beer Week, the Craft Beer Industry of Australia session in Adelaide in July plus the myriad other smaller festivals make for a crowded program.

The influencers at WABA have narrowed down alternative dates to –

1. Late June/ early July 2017 (with an anchor to the Perth Royal Beer Show).

2. long-term option of changing it to March in 2018.

It is far too late to schedule WA Beer Week for next month.

The WABA committee believes the benefits of hosting WA Beer Week during these times will avoid clashing with festivals and events held in November, increase profitability to the event holders during the low winter season if in June, is a great opportunity to showcase WA Beer to interstate judges attending tending the PRBS Awards and can increase increase ticket sales to event holders.

If the event remains in November than the proposed dates would be Nov. 10-19 (pending any major objections from our members).

The Fremantle Beer Fest would remain as a standalone event in November should WA Beer Week change dates.

"We are aware that changing the dates for 2017 would be a challenge, which is why we have broached it with our members as well as some key players in the craft beer scene to see if it would be feasible and or beneficial to change it to one of these new dates," said the WABA committee via statement.

A revised timing for WA Beer Week could also greater encourage eastern States breweries to attend events. Their attendance has waned in recent years.

But since the beer public is the key demographic in this issue then they should have a say.

So we pose a simple question. Have your say in the comments below.

When do you want WABA to stage WA Beer Week?

  1. Late June/early July

  2. Move to March in 2018

  3. Leave it in mid-November

  4. None of the above

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