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AFL ace caught up in TV beer 'Frothgate'

The Front Bar. Carlton Draught. The Sip Beer

Chris Judd performed great magic on the AFL field. Now it seems he can mesmerise a middy of lager like he did opposition defences.

The dual Brownlow medallist made a guest appearance on Channel Seven’s The Front Bar program earlier this month. And as part of the show’s scheduling a prop, in this instance an appropriate glassful of sponsor’s nectar, was placed in front of him on the panel desk.

But it was one unusual pour of Carlton Draught.

Unlike Judd, the beer never lost what was on top. The frothy white head on the middy glass, in itself rarely seen in Australian pubs, didn’t dissipate – at all. Not one millimetre. Nada. Zilch. It was if the head was whipped cream.

The Sip crudely screen shot a series of pics – and a fast forward video – that show the foam cap looking like shaving cream. It is easy to see in the images shot over 10 minutes that not much of the Mother of Pearl stuff has been lost.

Now, we concede Judd never put beer to lips during his segment but for the head to remain on a Carlton Draught for at least 11 minutes would baffle the millions that have bought a pot, middy, schooner or even pint of CUB’s famous drop.

It reminded our team of the fast food commercials in which the beautifully manicured and stacked burger resembles nothing of the product thrown through your car window at drive-thru.

There is no doubt that any beer in front of Judd would struggle not to go flat untouched for around a quarter of an hour.

The Sip Beer Laboratory

So how did this happen? We’re calling this major beer issue Frothgate because beer people shouldn't be deceived. Drinkers need to be told what is going on with The Front Bar brews.

We asked a range of brewers how Frothgate could have occurred.

A few said like a fluffer in pornographic videos there is a stage hand with a special spoon that stirs up the beer during the breaks.

Others pointed to tetrahops. Particular hop extracts can give beers a very long-lasting thick head.

Or was it a real beer at all?

Whatever the reason, be assured the free beer press is ready to hold The Front Bar to account over Frothgate.

The public has a right to know, or at least be able to go into a bar and have an as aesthetically pleasing Carlton Draught as any non-beer-drinking ex-sportsman on the idiot box.

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