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Red and Stout hammer in Nail award win

Nail Awards win. The Sip Beer

A Perth brewing favourite has cleaned up in Adelaide as more awards flow for a new world WA-produced Red Ale.

Trophy wins for Red and Clout Stout enabled Nail Brewing to claim the best medium brewery honours at tonight’s Adelaide Beer and Cider Show.

Clout Stout tied for the Champion Stout medallion while the Red collected the gong for Champion Other Ale. The Red is considered an Amber Ale for judging purposes.

Pirate Life, inspired by three West Australians but based in Adelaide, won the Champion Large Brewery prize. The team’s India Pale Ale won the category trophy and Champion SA beer exhibit.

Clare Valley Brewing Company won the champion small brewery title.

Nail Brewing has won 37 golds in the past and is a consistent gold and trophy winner in top beer awards.

John Stallwood, head brewer and owner, "People ask how does Nail regularly has success in awards. I think it is because I have worked very hard for a long time and with a lot of hard work, anyone can achieve their goals, except financially maybe.

"All brewers have passion and have to think their beer is good, but consistently winning gold is helping Nail build a name in the industry. "Winning awards gives me confidence and you need confidence in such a tough industry with many great beers."

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