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One-man band backing Molly Rose beer plan

In the wake (and, indeed, for some they were like funerals) of a couple of craft brewery buy-outs it is pertinent to remember there is also a raft of very small operators also hopeful of one day striking liquid gold.

For every Feral or 4 Pines there are cartons more small operators striving to find their niche in the crowded market.

Nic Sandery, above, is among those having a go in the brewery ownership game. And he has used an intriguing tactic to get drinkers’ lips around his Molly Rose beers.

Sandery knows brews. Over six years he has gained the experience of a Graduate Diploma in Brewing from Edith Cowan University, spent time at The Monk and Little Creatures in Fremantle before linking up with Stone and Wood in Byron Bay. There was also a stint at Holgate.

Now he is going alone. And we mean sans company.

“Now I am Molly Rose’s' brewer, website director, social media coordinator, builder, accountant and everything. I do the lot!” Sandery said about the operation in Adelaide.

“I do get a lot of help from family and friends though which is amazing and I would not be able do it without them.”

After fighting the usual red tape, Sandery decided Molly Rose Brewing, named after his grandmother, needed to get its face into the marketplace.

So he decided to launch a subscription service that will at least guarantee a turnover of tastes for those inclined.

The Foundation Series tells a story of Sandery’s investigation of brewing and beer cultures, which was piqued during recent overseas travel.

The result is a range of one of a kind, small batch beers that vary widely, from smoky and savoury through to sour and strawberry.

“Each of the six beers in the Foundation Series tells a story about something that has lead myself and Molly Rose to this point,” Sandery said. “They are characterful and completely different beers and people may be surprised that some of the flavours can be found in a beer.”

In an age where big craft breweries are being bought by even bigger breweries, the beer industry is a difficult one to crack with tough competition and high barriers to entry. Molly Rose brewing decided a different angle was required.

“I was originally looking for investors to help build the brand and brewery but what they were asking in return was a majority stake. A majority stake in a company that I have put my heart and soul into building and then put my grandmother’s name is on it wasn’t something I wanted.”

The Foundation Series beers will all be on what Sandery calls the pointy end of beer but will still be approachable to everyone and not just beer connoisseurs.

“The six beers are all completely different some are sour, some are hoppy, I’ll use wild yeast, bacteria and brett. I’ll barrel age some and barrel ferment others but while they will all be unique; my goal is to make them balanced and not too scary for anyone to have try and enjoy.

Subscriptions to The Foundation Series are only available on the Molly Rose website and was the solution to both starting a brewery with a bang and on a shoestring.

Subscribers get six beers, conditioned in 750ml bottles and delivered for free in two different parcels across the space of six months. Check out the Molly Rose website.

This opportunity ends soon.

Who knows where it might take Molly Rose Brewing?


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