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Drinkers' new beer search doesn't help brewers

There was one element to Australia’s biggest craft beer survey that highlighted a double-edge sword for the local industry.

Beer Cartel this week released the results of its poll into a number of aspects to do with craft brewing.

One response related to the desire of craft beer aficionados to give untried drinks a go.

According to the Beer Cartel survey 94 per cent of artisanal beer seekers want to sample different brews. Around 94 per cent “are on the lookout for new beers to try” was the return.

“While this means overall brand loyalty is low, it does provide brewers with the opportunity to experiment and have fun creating new brews for consumers to try,” the survey statement read.

Unfortunately, more craft brewers are concerned there are too many seasonal and new releases hitting an already congested market.

Some WA beer gurus have complained they have lost tap space at venues because of the constant thirst among licencees to put on new brews.

One leading west coast brewer said on Facebook this week, “Taps for craft beer are growing, but things like "we love your beer but we'll put this new brewery on for a week and then this other brewery on, then back to us (is happening). It’s selling great but (they) just like to try a new beer.

“Taps are now taken by new beers just because it is a new beer.”

Interestingly, the Beer Cartel survey also produced a profile of Australian craft beer drinker. Its responses indicated 79 per cent were men. There are a few Big Beer producers who believe a similar split exists in their world, too.

The respondents also indicated that 64 per cent of them want to know who owns the beer they’re drinking. Considering the craft beer community and the current strategy from the Independent Brewers Association to shun the major breweries with artisanal offshoots, some observers would view the figure as surprisingly low.


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