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Beerland's NBC takes to the dark side of lager

Beerland Brewing Company is the latest WA beer maker trying to change drinkers’ prejudice over an ancient drink.

Schwarbier has been around since the late 1300s. It has survived to remain popular in Germany. But although it is a lager, which is still the most favoured variety of beer in the Antipodes, it hasn’t garnered much support in Australia.

Its colour is the problem. There is just something about black beer that prompts the No Deal sign from local consumer. Many less adventurous tasters shy from the drop believing it might be like Guinness.

Wrong. And in recent times several Perth breweries, including White Lakes and Nowhereman, have dabbled on the dark side.

The Sip Beer Laboratory podcast.

And veteran brewer Ken Arrowsmith, above, and colleague Andrew Dean have delivered another schwazbier for the central business district.

The duo made the beer at the Northbridge Brewing Company but it is under the Beerland banner as the company is set to open another operation within the group at Whitfords Shopping Centre later this month.

Get Schwarty is a 4.7% choc malt marvel perfect for the cooler period. There is a hint of roast and a teaspoon sample of coffee. But the balance is perfect, like a coffee scroll with chocolate icing. With one bite – or sip – all the ingredients come together.

It will be part of Beerland’s limited release range and can be bought in 945ml canimals from the brewpub.

One sample will change your mind about dark lagers.


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