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Cheeky airline deal a boost for WA beer industry

Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale Singapore Airlines

Visitors to and from WA can bring a taste of the State with them following a breakthrough deal between Cheeky Monkey Brewery and Singapore Airlines.

In a first for a WA independent beer maker, Cheeky Monkey’s Pale Ale (5%) will be available to passengers on any of Singapore Airlines’ four daily flights into and out of Perth from next month.

And Cheeky Monkey’s full range of beers will also feature in Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris Lounge at Perth Airport.

The collaboration will run for 12 months, and will see the Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale available to Business Class passengers on Singapore Airlines flights, providing major exposure for the brewery and the WA beer industry.

“To be able to showcase Cheeky Monkey beers on all flights from Perth to Singapore, in front of influential passengers, is just an absolutely fantastic opportunity,” said brewery Managing Director Brent Burton.

“Being recognised as a premium craft beer option by a global organisation is a tremendous boost for our brewing team and validates the work we have put in to make sure Cheeky Monkey is producing quality beers.”

Cheeky Monkey recently revamped its brand image and concentrated heavily in putting high-level beers into cans.

There is an adage within the brewing community that consumers drink first with their eyes and the colourful Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale can caught the attention of Singapore Airlines officials seeking a new beer for their inflight menus.

Singapore Airlines was keen to support local craft breweries and tested several local beers to find on that would suit its beer range. It might have helped Cheeky Monkey that a plane features on its Pale Ale label.

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“When they got to our range the tasters went straight for the Pale Ale. Secondly, the branding appealed to them. They loved the beer and they loved the label. Lucky for us, as we just released our new range and refreshed branding!” Burton says.

Cheeky Monkey is based in the Margaret River region and has been operating as a Brewery and Restaurant since 2012.

However, Cheeky Monkey beers are available throughout WA. The Pale Ale recently won a silver medal at the prestigious Perth Royal Beer Awards 2017.

Burton believes the arrangement with Singapore Airlines, which takes off on Sunday 1 October, will have benefits beyond just Cheeky Monkey.

“The boost this gives to the local economy, brewers and the WA beer industry is huge and we are very thankful to Singapore Airlines for including our brewery in this opportunity,” Burton says.

“There is also the recognition of WA craft beer by an international company and that is tribute to all the independent brewery businesses.

“These smaller breweries continue to grow this industry and provide a genuine premium quality beer alternative to mass-produced, commercialised beers.”


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