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Coopers to put foundation beer into cans

One of Australia’s oldest beers is getting a new twist.

Coopers has listened to the modern consumer and has put another one of its brews into cans. But this isn’t any ordinary beverage.

Sparkling Ale has come to define the South Australian-based brewery. After all, it was one of the first recipes Thomas Cooper devised 157 years ago when he created the brand.

Little has changed with the famous red label – until now.

Within weeks Sparkling Ale 375ml cans will hit the shelves, joining Coopers Original Pale Ale, Session Ale and Mild Ale in the brewery’s aluminium package portfolio.

And while the oldest beer in the company stable has a fresh look, the youngest Coopers’ brew, XPA, will also be released in its distinct purple branding at the same time.

Cans are definitely the vessel of choice for contemporary drinkers.

The annual GABS Hottest 100 beers list provides comprehensive evidence of the change in preference.

In 2013 none of the beers in the survey were in cans. By last year’s count 77 were in the “tinnies”.

Coopers Marketing and Innovation Director, Mr Cam Pearce, said it was significant Original Pale Ale, Session Ale and Sparkling Ale all made the GABS Top 100 revealed in January.

“Can preference is no longer driven by occasion only, as we see that cans are now a preferred format for many beer drinkers, particularly within the crafted segment,” Pearce said.

“Since we launched Coopers Original Pale Ale in cans, there has been a groundswell from consumers for the release of Sparkling Ale in cans as well.

“We listened to the calls and have responded accordingly.”

Sparkling Ale (5.8%) will be available nationwide.

It is a big month for Coopers, which will also unveil its annual Vintage Ale with a special function in Sydney next week.


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