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A new taste for the great Fremantle BeerFest

It is back as usual but there is a new twist to WA’s premier beer festival this year.

For the 11th spring in a row the Fremantle BeerFest will be staged in the port, showcasing the best brews from across the State.

As per the previous events, only WA operations are able to take stalls at BeerFest. And in 2019 there will be 59 breweries, cideries and distillers supplying their wares.

But there will a new feature in the November 8 to 10 at Esplanade Park.

The ‘Paddle Bar’ a project beer section hosting a collection of 40 out-of-the-box craft beers and cideries will make its debut.

Brewers are invited to get experimental with a keg of their choice to show off their creativity with a one-off beer.

Otherside Brewing Co has already forecast and Ginger and Lemongrass Sour with Impi Brewers offering a Smoked New England IPA called ‘Smoke Hazy’.

Even the headline band, Art vs Science, is getting into the beer act with the ARIA-award winners doing a collaborative brew with the festival organisers.

While the taste buds get a work-out so does the brain with festival attendees able to learn about beer and food pairings and the WA craft beer industry at a range of masterclasses and tastings lead by industry leaders. The program includes sessions on ‘Distilling 101’, ‘Exploring Beer and Smoked Meats’, ‘Beer and Chocolate’, ‘From Paddock to Pint to Mouth - The Sustainability of Brewing’, and ‘Future of WA Craft Beer’.

There are many beer festivals on the calendar. But the WA-only brewery line-up, the location and the ease at getting around make Fremantle BeerFest the best event for lovers of the wonder nectar.

The list of breweries and distilleries can be found here – WHO'S THERE.

Tickets are now available here – BUY YOURS.

General admission tickets start from $15 for Friday 8 November; from $25 for Saturday 9 November; and $20 for Sunday 10 November. Tickets includes access to event and all entertainment. Beer, food and other drinks available for purchase.


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