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Matso's Mango gives rise to a new type of IPA

Move over NEIPA brews. Matso’s might have just produced a style rival, the NWIPA.

Many beer lovers will mistakenly believe the above acronyms are from a millennial’s SMS account. But, no, they aren’t part of the smartphone lexicon.

The NEIPA – North East India Pale Ale or New England India Pale Ale – (or even the Vermont although how that translates into five letters including the letter P is a whole different discussion) has been the brew de choix for the past 12 months.

Punters have championed the style density, which can be produced by a variety of methods, and beer makers have relished the challenge of delivering a beverage that has only been on the charts for a couple of years.

Maybe Matso’s have helped create another style because one sip of its Mango India Pale Ale provides a tropical delight befitting the tropics of WA’s North West.

After all, Matso’s emerged from Broome, where enjoying Mango on Cable Beach is akin to holiday heaven. The town even has a once-a-year tribute to the juicy stone fruit.

Matso’s Mango Beer has been a staple of the company’s menu.

But by ramping up the recipe the brewing team has delivered a bitter-sweet, brilliantly balanced beer befitting a visit to the tropics.

At first the hop bitterness sends a rush to the head, at midway the Galaxy flowers impart a citrus tinge before the juicy mango underpins the after-taste.

Unfortunately, the Mango IPA is a seasonal release. So, too, is Matso's Monsoonal Blonde, a Wheat Beer – a cardamom spiced brew hitting 5%.

However, we expect to see and taste more of the Mango IPA in the near future. But, for now, enjoy it while you can.

And maybe the NWIPA style will catch on.


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