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Nail Red Ale makes a striking move into cans

There is no stopping on Red. At least not for Nail Brewing.

The ale that was supposed to be an electric crimson flash on the Australian beer landscape but became a mainstay of the WA brewery has a new appearance in 2019.

Now the Red Ale is even more eye-catching with a move into cans.

Bottles of the beer were always easy to spot on the liquor store shelves, particularly in their four-pack coat. But the move into aluminium will ensure the multi-award winning beverage will be almost impossible to ignore.

Red could mean go for the undecided purchaser.

At the risk of upsetting a soft-drink manufacturer the Red vessels are more attractive than the colour synonymous with Coca Cola cans!

Nail owner John Stallwood said cans were the future for beer packaging and decided to shift Red from bottles because the aluminium had the obvious advantages in terms of increased volume, weight, transport, avoiding light-strike and recycling.

“Cans also suit our beer drinking lifestyle which is about occasion,” Stallwood said. “They can be taken on boats, planes, festivals – just about everywhere, whereas bottles have a few restrictions.

“I’ve just been to Japan where it seemed almost every beer was in a can. So that is the future for beer packaging and we will continue to go that way.”

Nail’s Red Ale made its debut in 2014 as part of the short-term release Brew Log series in which Stallwood honoured those who had provided him with support along his now near-20-year beer journey.

The fourth entry in the Brew Log chain, the Red was dedicated to late businessman Maurice Brockwell, who gave Stallwood the opportunity to ply his wares at CBD venue Bobby Dazzlers at the turn of the century when craft brewing wasn’t even considered a thing.

“Red boomed when it was first released as a few kegs and we had to get it into packaging because of the support,” Stallwood said. “It levelled out a bit but in the last six months there has been a bit of a revival with not as many Reds around at the moment.

“It has a special place in Nail’s heart because it really helped boost our sales when we needed a bit of a lift.”

Dry hopping with Citra gives Red a fruity aroma and there is a super smooth mouthfeel with a caramel malt element.

Red will join the others in the Nail can repertoire – MVP (3.4%) and VPA (6.5%). The latter two are just as striking in silver and bright blue appearances. The Red cans, devised by local designer Zendoke, will be available from later today.

MVP won the Champion Trophy for mid-strength beer at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards while VPA collected silver at last year’s World Beer Cup, one of the most prestigious beer ceremonies on the planet.


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