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NBC, WBC provide ABC lesson in Beerland brews

NBC Bento Box

Turn up for a beer and leave with a brewing education.

The Northbridge Brewing Company Beer Club sessions are quickly become a keenly sought ticket for those Sandgropers who love malted grain beverages.

Initially the nights were the chance for Ken Arrowsmith to showcase an emerging range of brews.

But as the brewery became entrenched in the WA beer scene, the gatherings under the Beerland stable have become more diverse.

Arrowsmith and fellow brewer Andrew Dean have gone into experimental mode with NBC’s most recent releases. Saisons, Mango Wheats, Japanese Porters and, since everybody else was doing one, an NEIPA, have been on the club agenda lately.

Once again the NBC crew, when it comes to the latest new beer, have thought outside the box. Well, they’re still in the Bento Box to be honest.

And it seems a funny name for a brew made in a German style – Gose.

However, Dean paid homage to Japan with Bento Box.

He used a touch over 6kg of cured plums in the brew while throwing a few handfuls of rice into the boil to give a crispy edge.

Dean spared the hops which allowed the sweet and sour flavours of the Gose style to come to the fore.

The sourness certainly doesn’t overpower this beer. But the orange hue is very appealing. After all, beer lovers first drink with their eyes.

However, the release of the beer isn’t the only part of the NBC nights. There are five comparison beers to show off the style. And there is a scrumptiouspresentation of food, in this case an actual Bento Box of Japanese delights.

With a second venue, Whitfords Brewing Company, in operation, the Beer Club by Beerland is spreading to the northern suburbs.

Arrowsmith, above, who has been working on the new kit in the revamped Whitfords Shopping Centre, will present the first session at the venue on Thursday. What Arrowsmith has forgotten about brewing isn’t worth remembering so the latest event will, indeed, be a valuable education session.

While there won’t be a new brew release, the WBC BC V1 will showcase the Beerland range. So, we expect a little taste of Bento Box to be on offer.

Tickets for the Whitfords Brewing Company Beer Club gala are $25 and can be arranged via this link.

And if you have some spare time, spoil yourself with a Beerland Kolsch, particularly to open the evening’s proceedings. It is always the first tap of call when The Sip pays a visit.


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