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Pale Ale isn't a Nowhereman at new WA brewpub

Nothing worse than being the second beer in a paddle.

It is like running the bend in a 400m sprint. Someone else is going to make a big impression early on, leaving Numero Due with plenty of work to do to stand out when called upon.

There was a lot to love about the Six Seasons Saison 5.5% that was the first in line on Nowhereman Brewing’s taster selection.

However, it meant the Pale Ale, a style in which every craft beer drinker has indulged on their drinking journey, had a few hurdles ahead as the next sample along the row.

Nowhereman’s brewer Paul Wyman was confident his Pale Ale could stand up against any beer. And he was right.

It is almost incumbent that every brewery, especially one in its infancy, has a Pale Ale on the menu. The majority of consumers will seek one. It is almost a base on which beer premises are judged.

Nowhereman’s example passed with a very high mark. And at 4.6% the Pale Ale is set to be a keenly sought drink in the busier summer period.

Wyman has thrown plenty of US hops into the mix and they provide a such a wonderful fruity edge that punched through any lingering flavours from the Saison.

Crate Digger Pale Ale has plenty of body, creating a false impression of the example being a higher alcohol brew.

For the record, the picture atop this page also shows the Nowhereman 2COOL4ANAME Dark Lager (5.2%).

Wyman and Nowhereman owner Reece Weadon (both pictured above), who has spent five years taking his brewery dream from idea to realisation, were showing of their work around the 18hl kit at a recent launch for WA Beer Week, which runs from November 17.

And Nowhereman will be busy with a raft of events as well as being an official hub for the 10-day extravaganza.

Beer launches, beer quizzes, beer dinners, beer degustations, beer classes, beer runs, beer hops … and so much more feature in the 16th WA Beer Week.

For details on all the events head to the festival website.


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