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For this beer we are truly grateful, Undead Monk

A new collaboration between two emerging WA breweries is best consumed with a few lights on.

Knowing you’re having a beer called Undead Monk in the bleakness creates some apprehension, like you’re in a scene of a B-Grade teen horror flick.

Plus, the can carrying the Belgian Stout and the beer itself are as dark as an unhappy place on a moonless night.

If you put either down in the wrong place it can go missing. For a while, anyway.

But the fear of being separated by the new short-term release from Beerland and Rocky Ridge is real because the choc-coffee slash across the tongue encourages another sip – or three.

The essential Belgian yeast flavour is just right to remind the drinker of the inspiration behind the beer.

Undead Monk, which hits at the appropriate 6.66% ABV, will be released during a special public launch at Northbridge Brewing Company on Friday from 5.30pm.

It marks the first entrée by Beerland, the combination of the NBC and Whitfords Brewing Company, into packaged product. Beerland has made the most of the canning facility at Rocky Ridge, which is an old hand around the vessels.

Beerland is still riding on the high of winning best in show at Australian International Beer Awards in May for its Wheat brew.

Rocky Ridge has quickly developed a reputation for rapidly turning over its offerings. Over the past 18 months the brewery has delivered a wide range of small batch releases, such as Stairway To Resin, Rock-A-Bye Baby and Rock Juice.

Friday’s launch of Undead Monk will also feature the brewers behind the beer and how the pairing of the operations came about.

For more information visit the Beerland Facebook page -


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