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Waxing lyrical over White Lakes collaborative brew

Sean Symons wanted to do some gardening at his White Lakes Brewery in Baldivis.

So he enlisted the help of a long-time mate from the eastern States to ensure the job was done and to make sure the flora didn’t go to waste.

Symons had been eyeing a large clump of Geraldton Wax at the front of the brewhouse as a beer ingredient for some time.

Last month he took out the secateurs and lured 4 Pines brewer Andrew Tweddell from Sydney to use the native Australian shrub in a collaborative beer now on offer in Perth’s southern suburbs.

The Wax On XPL is White Lakes’ first joint effort with another brewery but it was more a labour of fun than just an exercise to deliver a small release Lager.

“Andrew and I go way back and we had often discussed making a beer together,” Symons said at the launch of the 5.5% drop at The Shoe in Perth’s CBD. 4 Pines WA representative Jack Green, pictured below with Symons, helped unveil the concoction.

“The best collaborative brews are the ones that are done just for fun, not necessarily to seek a big commercial success or have business overtones. And this day was a hell of a lot of fun.

“When I was building a brewery in Vietnam a few years back Andrew came through to visit so there was a lot or reminiscing about those days while we made Wax On. It was just a couple of mates on the tools.”

There is an even stronger bond behind the Extra Pale Lager as White Lakes co-owner John Gastev has a long relationship with the Mitchell family, who are the founders of 4 Pines.

White Lakes has a strong affinity with Lagers. The Dark Lager, which uses eight malts, has been widely lauded.

The Wax On XPL has gained a lemongrass undertone from the Geraldton Wax and in keeping with the play on the XPA (Extra Pale Ale) there are plenty of hops giving this version a fruity balance.

The beer’s decal pays homage to the famous line in the Karate Kid movie. But we’ll let drinkers make the connection.

Wax On XPL is available from White Lakes Brewery and the Whistling Kite but there are only 45 kegs in circulation.


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